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  1. The Older Half: Spousal Age Gap in India
    With Suriyan Laohaprapanon.

  2. Son Bias in the US: Evidence from Business Names
    With Walter Guillioli.

  3. Working Women on Indian TV
    With Asha Sood.

  4. Missing Women on the Streets

  5. (No) Missing Daughters of Indian Politicians

  6. Epic Children: Sex Ratio of Children of Key Characters in Epics

  7. What and Who is on Network television?

  8. The Good NYT: Provision of Apolitical News in the New York Times

  9. Hard News: The Softening of Network Television News
    With Daniel Weitzel.

  10. Partisan Imbalance in Politifact?

  11. IPSO Facto: Quality of News

  12. Partisan Images: Evidence from Politician Instagram Accounts. 2015.
  13. Public Employees: Money and Diversity

  14. The Partisans in our Heads
    With Doug Ahler

  15. Extreme Recall: Which Politicians Come to Mind?

  16. Partisan Retrospection? Partisan Gaps in Retrospection are Highly Variable

  17. Reviewing the Peer Review

  18. The Review: Production and Consumption of APSR Articles
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Data and Scripts

  19. Sound Names: Classify Names Based on Sequence of Sounds
  20. Graphic Names: Classify Names Using Google Image Search and Clarifai
  21. Get in Line: Waiting Times at the DMV
    With Noah Finberg
  22. Mixed Signals: Movie Quality Assessments Across Platforms

Opinions and Interviews
  1. Bijli, Sadak, Makaan: Art at the crossroads of infrastructure and culture
    Published in Matters of Art (an art e-zine based in Delhi); Matters of Art (March 14, 2008)
  2. Learning about Delhi – a second look at 'The Delhi Walla.'
    Published in The Hindustan Times
  3. Interview with Bapsi Sidhwa.
    Published in Alhamra Literary Review Issue 3 (Spring 2008)